Old School New Body program has become quite popular precisely because it attempts to liberate those who seek washboard abs from the fallacies and myths that have been swirling around the issue for a long time. It is a comprehensive program that covers diet plans, meal suggestions and workout routines, and it demolishes some traditional misconceptions when working on great abs.

The usual daily crunches and sit up routines are not being advocated by the program but rather a 30-45-minute workout two to three times a week. The book pushes multi-joint exercises, emphasizes proper diet and nutrition and features a whole bunch of exercises that is geared towards developing those abdominal muscles.


Full Body Workout

Full body workout is the focus of the ebook since working the stomach muscles alone is not the fastest and guaranteed way of toning those abs. The exercises are presented in illustrations with step-by-step instructions. Some of the more advanced exercises might be too difficult for beginners especially if this is the first time they will do such exercises, but they should soon be able to work their way up.

The ebook’s dietary guidelines are there to support the amount of effort you are giving in the form of exercise. You won’t accomplish leaner muscles by training alone. Eating properly and training are the key elements for good looking abs. Old School New Body provides a well-balanced diet plan to help those under the program avoid overeating. The meal plans are meant to stop food cravings so people can achieve some noticeable weight loss at the end of the program.

The section on cardio training is quite impressive. Mike lets you know what cardiovascular exercises you should be performing and just as importantly, the correct timing to do them.


Will You Benefit from The Book?

If you want to lose weight and get a flat stomach, then it's for you, whether you're a complete beginner or you have had previous experience with similar programs. It works for men who are gunning for a great 6-pack, as well as for ladies who just want to tone up their abdominals.



Now, the program works - but there’s some level of commitment that you need to give in order for the program to be effective. People who decide to adapt “Old School New Body” program need to understand that they are required to do the workouts, follow the diet plan and do these things on a regular basis.

Results are not immediate either. This is a process. You can probably see some noticeable results after a month or two of undergoing the program. If you want instant gratification, this is not the program for you. In fact, I doubt that such a quick-abs program exists.