Bar Brothers has been receiving some quite positive feedbacks from satisfied clients. The success of the book can be found in one simple concept: everything has been laid out for people to easily follow.

People who want to reduce weight, increase their muscle mass or improve their overall physique all look for a program that is easy enough to understand and to implement and at the same time can give them some very satisfactory results. Bar Brothers provides a clear set of guidelines on what food to eat and what kinds of exercises and lifts to do to achieve your goal.

As mentioned above, a nutritional plan is part of the eBook. It tells you the food you need to eat and in how much quantity. Focus is also given on the quality of food. The book emphasizes the importance of having proper meals since working out alone is never enough. The body needs the calories to build those muscles.

With regards to training, the book focuses on compound lifts. The underlying principle is to build multiple muscles at the same time. The program basically promotes working out three times a week allowing the body to train the muscles and at the same time giving ample time for recovery. Achieving results needs a balance of training and recovery. People that go through programs that require them to work out at least six times a week often see minimal results precisely because the body is not given enough time to rest and recuperate. Developing those muscles cannot be achieved through sheer force of training.

Also explained in the book are the reps and sets which give the lifter a precise knowledge on how to maximize the use of lifts. Workouts in the book are categorized according to levels. Starting from the beginner level, the exercise sets are created to prepare you to move on to the next level comfortably and with the most muscle gain possible.

Other things that the book tackles include techniques in making the best out of your gym time, instructions on cutting down body fat, simple and correct guides on exercises, tips in reducing the risks of getting injured during training and a list of supplements that would be beneficial and which ones are not for building the muscles.

Jason was able to package some complicated lifting exercises into a simple, easy to follow guides which aims at reducing body fat and building muscle mass. In addition, it has several great bonuses including

  • The Supplement Report
  • MGS Exercise Database
  • Body Composition Software
  • 10 Minute Muscle Meals
  • Lifetime Subscription to his Private Membership Site and
  • Lifetime e-Book Updates.

The book emphasizes hard work to achieve one’s goals. It does not offer shortcuts so people looking for such things don’t need to buy this book. Jason discusses the importance of having the discipline, the right mind set and the proper motivation when changing one’s physique. This makes the book real. There may be other eBooks out there that discuss and promote muscle gain but at its price, in my opinion, Bar Brothers is one of the best around.